My big Chrysler draws a crowd wherever I park it in Toronto. I always walk out to a cloud of people standing around it talking and taking pictures of it. But none of these people are ever under the age of 20. I remember cars fascinating me from my earliest memories. Has the magic gone?

I think "kids" aged 14 to 19 are undeniably less interested in cars that they were 20 years ago. And there are a few reasons why I think that is.

Too many stifling parents: Parents see old cars as leaky and dangerous (cause they kinda are) and most faint of the idea of their son hopping into a 40-year-old car. My parents just never cared. It was considered to be my money and my decision. I drove whatever I wanted to.

Lack of initiative from kids: My highschool had two kids that actually rebuilt their cars and respect them greatly for it. But someone young buying a car and really tearing it down and working on seems to be a rare thing today. Most seem to not care about simply driving mom's minivan through highschool.

I probably sound old and crotchety but I'm just 22 myself and I can't imagine living without some useless but cool classic in my garage. Am I off my rocker here? Am I imagining things? What do you guys think?


PS Bandit, I have a huge amount of respect for you restoring and maintaining a (bitchin') classic.