The biggest hit on the Fiat 124 vs its brother the ND MX5 is that it’s a bit slower, oddly, than its naturally-aspirated twin. But the turbo in the Fiat, thought Jake when the cars were revealed, will lend itself to much larger power gains with a simple tune. Turns out I was right and for just $700 you can get an additional 48whp and 40wtq and a TON of additional area under the dyno curve. Behold.

“But where is the dyno graph”? Right here.

Now obviously these are to be taken with some salt since they’re from the manufacturer and not a 3rd party test but with the 124's stronger transmission and this tune the ND seems to be fairly rekt and my want for a CPO 124 has increased yet more. Toss some sway bars and this tune on a Fiat and make ND owners cry.