These are all the hybrid crossovers under $40,000 base msrp. Notice that there is only really 3 because the Rav4 is on there twice as the 2016 and 2017, also the Lexus is the Rav4 in a nice suit so not all that different.

It seems like it would be something that car manufacturers would be fighting over because letā€™s be honest, the only real downside to the daily driving of a crossover is the needless mpg penalty for a little extra room over its compact or mid-size car sibling.

Ford and GM have been making some strong hybrid strides in their lineup as has Honda, yet there is no Hybrid Escape, Edge, Equinox, Trax or CR-V.

I only notice as my wife has decided to get a small crossover for her next car (the toddler has many toys) and I would love to not take such an mpg ding (I donā€™t mind when you get a big V8 and bad mileage but a 2.0l turbo should not be getting 22mpg)

Are there going to be more competitors? Seems like an easy way to spread the costs of hybrid development over multiple models right?

Some interesting cars for your time