Why Bugatti Should Have Called The Chiron The All New Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is easily one of most recognized names of any supercar in the world. To the non-enthusiast it’s the most extream car on four wheels. Rappers have been buying up and showing off their Veyron’s for years. Dubai is now the Veyron capital of the world.


But the Chiron is giving up the history and significance of the Veyron and starting over. But why? It’s not like they needed to be ashamed of the fame they gained with the Veyron. I wish Bugatti would have chosen to keep the history of the nameplate and build on the reputation by continuing on with the Veyron name. Why? Because like stated below, the Chiron is not an all new better version of the Veyron, it’s an update both visually and mechanically. It’s the second generation. A refined, more precise piece of such a valuable name.

Don’t get me wrong, the all new Chiron is nothing less than a fantastic improvement on an already amazing car. But I feel cheated out of an amazing historical nameplate that builds a connection between each version of these cars. An all new Veyron could have been the start of an amazing history of cars. Instead, we have an “all new” Bugatti even though it’s really just an all new Veyron.

What do you think? Should they continue the name or start over like they did?

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