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Why Buy a 3-Series When You Could Get An Aventador For Less?

Have you always wanted to enter the world of Lamborghini ownership but just couldn’t stomach the six-digit price tag? Look no longer! For what I assume can be had for the price of a new 3-Series, you could have one of the most powerful, fastest, and V12-est cars on the road. Just look at it!


Now, I admit, this particular model could use some cosmetic work that needs to be completed before you hit the Autostrada. And some mechanical work. And some electrical work. All that glistens isn’t gold my friend. However, except for (what I would hope to be) an airbag deployment, the interior is in top shape! The engine? Well, looks like most of it is there . . .

The time is now everybody. And knowing how the Diablo shot up in value in the market recently, you can reasonably expect to make a nice profit on this Aventador in about 15 years time. What are you waiting for?


Photo Credit: GT BOARD

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