OK; this is not like it sounds. I am the type of person that forms a relationship with his vehicle. After some time I know what feels right, what feels wrong, where to touch and where to be careful.

I think any jalop should try to purchase a new vehicle at least once in their lifetime. There are a huge number of reasons.

- be the first to fart in that seat?

- be the original owner? The vehicle is only original once.

- know the vehicle history?

- know the vehicle inside out.

- Have 200k+ miles of worry free motoring?

I purchased my first new car in 2007, boy was I a proud papa. a 5 speed 3v gt mustang. She was triple black with a real aluminum dash and good quality leather. I proceed to modify that vehicle quite a bit. She handled like she was on rails, she stopped on a dime and gave you change back. She gave me the most truble free 65k miles of my life. She always did what I commanded and in the end she saved my butt. She was my dream. Forward 2011 on black Friday I got t-boned and she was a total loss, I was at loss for words, but walked away without a single scratch or bruise. I proceeded to purchase a 2012 mustang gt with brembo pack and premium interior in saddle brown. Neither car ever saw a wrench from anyone but me. I never took either for complimentary oil changes nor has anyone ever really as much as touched either with a tool since leaving the factory except for me. I learned by doing and reading.


If you truly want that special connection and have your car become more than just a car, it will become your friend in good and bad times. Knowing you are the sole reason she keeps on ticking is a huge added bonus. So save up, eat noodles. do whatever and buy that attainable piece of motoring history and write its chapters.

Just an FYI, my old 07 had its chassis straightened as it was bought by a Canadian to restore over the winter. She lives on but the first 65k were my memories, and she remembers them. You think your old car does not remember you?

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