When you can get a track day NASCAR for just as much.

Looks like I need to avoid Connecticut for a while or else this might follow me home...


What you are looking at here is probably the only 2012 Chevrolet Impala I would buy. It is a NASCAR race car with a ~2012 body on it and a chassis from “who knows when”. It was allegedly used in the Pit Crew challenge which was an event held during all star week at the Charlotte Motor Speedway a week before the Coke 600.

This car comes with a small block Chevy motor and transmission, the only crucial thing said to be missing is the fuel tank. It can all be mine for $4800 + however much money & time it will take to get it home (it’ll fit in the back of a uHaul - right?). The small block Chevy may not be all that fast or powerful (depending on the build), but most stock cars at this price are missing the things that make it move, change gear, stop, and/or function like a basic automobile.

So instead of buying a high mileage practical car like a 96 Accord, I can get a full running NASCAR racecar, and if I put a couple hundred dollars in I can make it run for more than 2 minutes.


EDIT: Found some footage of what could possibly be this car

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