Something I've always wondered: why can't an automaker take what they've shown as a concept, and turn it into production?

I guess it just doesn't make sense to me why they would spend all there time and resources designing and developing a concept car, when all it's going to look like when they release it is what the previous model looked like with different headlights. I used the concept for the Ford Bronco above because this one is kind of special to me. If this came out, I would wait in a line after pre-ordering if I had to. I love it. It's rugged, simple, and pleasing to the eye and I can fix the grill with a simple swap (although, it's not that bad to me). However, if Ford ever releases another Bronco, it will most likely look nothing like this. It'll probably end up looking like a F-150 with a bed cap and shortened. It probably won't look bad, just not what the concept has put into our heads and made us expect or hope for.


Now here's something that angers me a little bit more than going from a Concept Car to a Production Car. The concept that never makes it to production. It almost feels as if the automaker would look you dead in the eye and, without emotion, tell you "This is what you want. And we could make it. In fact we did make it. But you can't have it. No one can.". I don't think anyone would be able to change my mind on that fact that my favorite car that has ever existed is the A/C Shelby Cobra 427. All years. All models. They're all amazing to me. And then they teased me with the Shelby concept above. A concept that will never come to fruition and will never have more than the above example to show that they could definitely build this car and make so many people happy about it. And then just kind of sweep it under the rug and piss all of us off. It's almost like a kick to the balls except with the fact that that pain goes away. Eventually.

Now, I understand that there are concepts that will never make it to production. For example, the above. But that's not something that they even built a prototype to show off at Geneva or Detroit to then say either "No." or turn it into a Camry of beigeyness. It's just a drawing that someone came up with to say "Hey, I wonder if this will ever be possible." and then it goes into the drawing bin until one day when something like this will be possible.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't understand why the next generation of the Subaru WRX won't look like the amazing concept that was shown off. Or why automakers feel the need to design and develop something that they'll never put into production. It just angers me.