The Maxima used to be the sedan you buy if you need about the same space and practicality as an accord, altima, camry, etc. but wanted it to not make you sad every time you drive it. The Maxima in its prime had 255 Horses, weighed 3200lbs, and had an LSD. It didnt look too bad either. Now the maxima is an overweight ugly boat, and still has basically the same motor. The i35 of the same generation was also basically the same car but with a very nicely done, yet simple, interior:


I Guess an argument can be made that they went in an even better direction by introducing the g35, which is basically everything great about a Maxima, but with rear wheel drive. Ill also say that the g35 sedan doesent look as bad as people believe, its just that most of them are riced out.

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