Why Car Salesmen Lie - The Podcast

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I hear from car buyers all day long who are disgruntled. The source of their disgruntlement is often that the car salesman lied to them prior to the purchase. As I point out to them - and in this week’s podcast - they get away with it because the buyers almost always sign a document saying it is OK.


The Purchase Agreement is a document I have preached about before. Everyone signs one when they buy a used car but few people read it. And as I point out this week, there is one sentence that specifically says the salesman’s words don’t count. Nothing SAID by him/her is enforceable.

So, salespeople just say whatever they feel like before the sale knowing that the Purchase Agreement acts like a reset button on the whole transaction. The moment that document is signed by the buyer, all of the previous discussions go out the window.


It’s more nuanced than that - and worse, for the buyer. These things are, after all, drafted by the seller. So they protect the seller REALLY WELL.

This week’s audio:


And video.

Top pic is two Tuckers - one real and one replica from the movie. (Real car is on the right).


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