Ok, I'll admit. I'm an obsessive Pizza junkie like the next person. Cheese, Pepperoni, Meat Lovers - the lot. And yes, I might squeeze in a few onions or so, but that's that.

But that's where similarities end. As you know, Costco sells only three toppings in their food court: Cheese, Pepperoni and Combo. Nothing else. So imagine my shock and angst to discover peppers and onions tucked neatly underneath a slice of cheese pizza. Now, you might say, "Oh, it's an accident, just pull it out" - NO! Some dastardly clever bloke snuck in peppers and onions that covered half of my slice. Oh, and to add insult to injury, I yanked off half the dough of my slice. Thankfully, the cheese stuck on.


To the man who served me this, I hate you and all you stand for. If I was allergic to those ingredients, I will find you, and I will sue you into next year if I'm still alive and kicking. You don't contaminate and combine ingredients no one ordered - tucked underneath the cheese, no less.

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