So I worked the X Games this week. Amazing gig, and one of the best parts was that we got shuttled around the slope on snowmobiles or snow cats. 95% of the time it was an Arctic Cat M1100 Turbo. First ride up the mountain was a serious dose of

Rapidly followed by a moment of

as I noticed the telltale engine drone of something using the pulley n belt transmission.

WTF, these things use CVTs?!? Hate to admit it's the first time I'd ridden one, but hey, most of my life has been in FL and CA, so they weren't exactly common.

As bemoaned as CVTs are on Jalopposite lock, and they should be, I'm currently obsessed with getting a sled. So there's at least one time that having a CVT connected to an engine totally fucking rocks.


The second reason CVTs are cool to me at the moment is this video. There's something hipnotic about watching those damn weights and ramps do their thing.

Should I find myself in a Prius anytime soon, this temporary love for CVTs will be shattered to a million pieces like a masterlock blown apart by etch-a-sketch thermite.