If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Why, dammit, why.

I stopped in at a high-end project I was working on (in this context: high-end simply means expensive product in expensive home for an important client) to take some photos and videos for my portfolio. It did not go well.

I have but one guideline when it comes to quality control: “Would you accept this if this was *your* home?” If your answer is, “No,” I have a follow-up inquiry: WHY THE EVER LIVING FUCK DID YOU DO IT, THEN?


FORESIGHT, PEOPLE! A quality job today all but guarantees repeat business and more money in the long run.

I hope they enjoyed the 2 whole hours they saved by trying to slip that under my nose -- because they'll spend four hours of their time next week tearing it all out 🤗

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