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Why defanging an engine is a financial nightmare

So, not too long ago, I bought myself a Honda 919 Hornet (and yes, the Burgman 400 SM special is going up for sale) because I wanted

  • A: An actual Motorcycle
  • B: Something spirited from Honda

Now, I got A, which was a good thing but B?

Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that what you're actually getting is a detuned, fuel-injected version of the CBR919 Fireblade mounted on what would essentially be a UJM chassis. It didn't help matters when in 2004, you never had adjustable suspension (cured in the later years) and at $7999, it wasn't even cheap. Sure, it came with a flat color when it rolled out and it was more ergonomic for people who had freakishly long legs and arms. But why offer something that, when it's supposed to be better than the spiritual predecessor, offer up something that's trumped-down and wedgied below the Fireblade?


However, it does feel nice and being a UJM, it also has its fun set up in the twisties. And with a 6-speed along with a feasible clutch, what you're actually getting is a bit of a compromise, but Honda, remember, if you're going to detune something, better make it special otherwise you're gonna have a bad time.

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