Jagvar’s post got me thinking, why did you get rid of your first car?

This was my first car, a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport in Portofino Blue with the SOHC 4.0L V6. My granddad bought it new in 1997 and was gifted to me when I was 16 instead of being traded in on a Ford Escape.

October 2015 was a shit month for me. I was a field engineer for an oil field service company and they had me working in the office in San Antonio as my crew had just been dropped by our largest client. I was in my hotel room on Thursday night and I get a call from my boss, not good. He’s like we’re furloughing you, there’s a meeting in Alice tomorrow at 10:00, you don’t have work tomorrow just be at that meeting. So I packed my things, checked out of my hotel a day early, and hit the road for Corpus Christi. About an hour into my drive, I encounter some traffic doing less than the posted 75 mph speed limit, so I have to slow down. Upon passing this traffic, I reengage my cruise control sent to about 82. The car starts accelerating until it gets to 77 mph, then the engine goes to idle and turns off. I coast to a stop on the shoulder. Fuck. I pop the hood, nothing looks wrong, plus I don’t have any tools. So I do the next logical thing, try and crank the engine. It would start idle for about a second then RPMs would slowly drop to 0 and die. It wouldn’t respond to any inout from gas pedal, so I couldn’t keep it running. I do this for about 10 minutes until it fires up and I have throttle control. I put it in gear and drive back to Corpus.

I attend the meeting in Alice the next day, driving the M3 instead, and get 3 weeks of unpaid furlough thanks to the oil prices. I’m out, going back to Georgia. Now I had been toying with the idea of replacing my Explorer with something a bit newer. The idea started with the revelation that an AMG Mercedes is only like 30k and that I could have two 400hp+ gas guzzling tire destroying sedans. I eventually decided that was a bad idea, I should get something more practical. So I’m sitting on my parents porch in Georgia, doing some car shopping. I come across this 128i for 16k. Upon my return to Texas I decide I should get it. The explorer had been unreliable the whole time I had it and it was getting to the point where it was spend a bunch of money on it or trade it in. I traded it in, got $1000 for it. Had it for nine and a half years and had an emotional attachment to it, it was time to move on however. I had planned on keeping it for a long time but it dying on the interstate was the final straw. Don’t regret it either, can’t hang on to things forever.


So what about you oppo? Why’d you get rid of your first car?