Why didn't they make it?

As everyone knows, Jaguar created the XJS with the original intent of making it mid (rear) engined. They decided to go front engine, but didn't update the styling, so we're left with the famous buttresses seen here.

Then they went and updated the car's tails and sides, but kept the front (and the buttresses)


Still weird looking, but much more tolerable. So what would it look like WITHOUT those buttresses?

Holy crap! It looks sinister! Something a mob-boss would drive (or be driven in, actually) That buttress-less car you see is a Daimler -S. Yup. Too bad what you see is THE only one. Just one prototype was made.


Paul Banham customized some XJS's (also removing the buttresses, and narrowing the C-pillars).



But yeah, what do you guys think about removing the XJS's most distinct feature?


source: Wikipedia/Google

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