Why Didn't You Buy A Colorado?

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You probably didn't notice, but Chevrolet didn't sell a 2013 Chevrolet Colorado in the United States of America. This smaller, body-on-frame pickup available with such features as 4x4 drive and a manual transmission, languished on showroom floors while small pickup enthusiasts mourned the death of the USDM Ford Ranger and wished for the Volkswagen Amarok.


So, I ask you directly: why didn't you buy a Chevrolet Colorado? Was it too expensive? Could you not get the bed/cab/engine/transmission combination you wanted? Do you not want a small pickup, but still want them offered in the USDM? Please share below, and after you do, realize that the USDM Colorado returns for the 2014 model year. Perhaps you might buy one?

In interests of full disclosure, I did not buy a Colorado because I would have purchased a used full-sized pickup. Buying used instead of new is a Jalop's curse upon manufacturers.


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