I’m getting an oil change, and I’m giving thought to the possibility of leasing a 2016 Camaro Turbo.

I know the turbo hasn’t hit dealers yet, but I wanted to ask if the dealer knew when they might show up, express interest, and ask them to let me know when they show up so I can drive one and determine if I’m really interested or not.

I approached a salesman and asked just that: do you know when they are coming and I’m considering getting one if I like the way it drives.

He said he didn’t know but he could ask his manager. Then he asked if I was interested in a 2015.

No. Why do you think I am? I asked for a very specific thing.

He brings me in, gets my info. I’m okay with this, if he’s going to call me when they show up he needs to be able to reach me. He leaves to ask his manager then comes back a minute later.


‘Here’s what we can do’ he says, ‘you can spec one how you’d like it and put down a refundable $500 deposit and we’ll order one’


No. I don’t want to tie up $500 for the chance to drive a car. It’s not like they are going to be rare, you’ll have tons of them by next summer I guarantee it.


‘Well the next two months they are all sold on orders. So it might be a while’

That’s fine, I’m not in a rush. I just don’t want to go through all that to drive a car I’m on the fence about.


He then again asks if I’m interested in the 15 and tells me they aren’t much different. No, they are very different. The 2016 turbo is like 400 pounds lighter than the 2015 V6. The whole car is smaller and completely different underneath. I’m interested in that car.

His reply? They’re the same size inside.

Jesus Christ have you listened to a word I’ve said? I want to know how it drives, not what it looks like inside. And I still don’t want to tie up $500 for a preorder. This isn’t some boutique ultra limited production sports car, it’s a base model Camaro. I understand why you want me to do that, but I’m not ready to make that level of commitment. I’m not ready to write you a check. Just call me when you get a turbo I can test drive.


Finally he agrees, but of course it’s not that easy. He asks if I care if it’s a base model, or if it was the V6 I wanted to drive. I, for the 20th time, said I want to drive the two liter turbo. Trim level is irrelevant, if I like the way it drives I’ll order it how I want.

After this whole 20 minute exchange we finally shake hands and part our ways since the salesman finally did what I directly asked him to do 20 minutes ago.


Did it really need to be this complicated?

/rant over