Why can’t I own a luxury car with a cool sensual name that may or may not be borrowed from a different language? Hear me out, would you rather own an Elmiraj or XB71050. Exotic car makers are able to do it. Continental, Mulsanne, Phantom, Ghost. Why are high volume luxury car makers having a problem?

“Hey Frank, is that the new Lexus FS651058a3jkgasltas5445? No Sal, you’re mistaken. It’s the FS56548620”

Now I know what you’re thinking. “It’s quite simple! There is a series and then a corresponding number usually to refer to engine size.” No. Look at the mess Infiniti and Mercedes have made with themselves in the last year. Tell me that you weren’t or still aren’t confused.

You know who buys luxury cars? Old people. Do you think they want to sit around learning their ABC’s and 123’s again? Grandpa almost figured out their naming scheme last year too.

Alfa Romeo tried to create a name that would provoke the minds of potential buyers.


They came up with Julia.




The only car company I can think of with a proper name for their luxury sedans is Hyundai.
Genesis and Equus. Say what you want about the cars, but admit their names are pretty good.

What are automakers trying to prove with their naming schematics?