Limit the amount of options and toys you can get when you go for a manual over an automatic.

For context: The new Cruze configurator is up. This is a car I’m very much interested in as a first “adult” car purchase in a few years. So I start building one. Okay, the Premier isn’t available with a manual. Kinda expected that as the old Cruze never offered the LTZ with a stick. So I click LT Manual since it’s the only one you can get without plastic wheel covers (god, how I hate plastic wheel covers.) There is ONE option package.

It adds seat heaters, a power driver seat, and keyless entry and start. No sunroof, driver assists, nothing. The one thing they do seemingly add standard over auto cars is the RS package, which is interesting.

Meanwhile, you select the automatic and it unlocks a whole slew of options.


You get driver assistance packages and sunroofs and Bose systems and bigger touch screens. All the good stuff.

It just doesn’t make sense. It’s not like the manual makes it impossible to add a Bose stereo or a sunroof. Why not make it available to those who want three pedals too?

Honda does something somewhat similar with the Accord, but they lock you completely out certain paint options.


I just don’t understand why this is becoming a thing nowadays. Some things I can understand locking out like auto braking because that wouldn’t go over well in a manual. But let me have my sunroof dammit.

-end Tuesday morning rant session-