I was picking up a package at the UPS store yesterday and this was in the lot. As I was walking in, I saw a man in scrubs walking towards the car. Of course, I figured that this was the owner (scrubs = MD). Oddly, he went right up to the door, stopped and whipped out his phone and took a photo of the inside of the car. Not the car’s owner!

Then after I was done at UPS, on the way out, I see a 30-something woman heading in that direction of the car, and figure that it must be the Prius driver. Nope. She also grabbed a quick snapshot of the car and moved on.

I pull out of my spot and and as I’m leaving the lot, I pause and snap this out the window of my car. (Actually, this is the second time I’ve snapped a pic of the very same car. The other time it was parked at the home just 5 houses down from mine.)

So, why do I (and others) do this? I’m not taking a picture of Bigfoot or an apparition of the Virgin Mary. God knows there’s plenty of photos on the internet of the Ferrari 458. I guess its because we know that we’ve seen something out of the ordinary, something special and we feel the urge to document it. I guess we do it for the same reason we take pictures of the US Capitol or the Whitehouse. There’s no reason for any more of them...its just that we feel the need to have one of our very own.