Why Do Paddleshift Cars Fart When They Shift Up?

This video by YouTube supercar hero Marchettino of "you" driving an F-Type V6S reminds me (reapeatedly), that I've heard an increasing number of sporty cars with autos and DCTs make this farting noise when they change gear. For some reason I've decided it's been added in by boffins, but why? Is it mean to sound like a racecar's sequential 'box? Because it sounds more like someone sneezing (from either end) or bringing up phlegm...


EDIT: Some are saying it's the car cutting the fuel delivery or some such like during the gear change. This seems like the right answer, but I'm still suspicious of added effects, especially given the exhaust popping so much on the overrun, which I don't think would actually happen that much in a relatively normal modern engine.

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