Why do people smoke in vehicles?

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First off, no judgement, I don’t care if you smoke, but I’ve been really frustrated lately by people who smoke in vehicles.


I’ve been truck shopping lately and within the last week I’ve had to walk away from three different trucks that were otherwise perfect except for the fact that they were smokers trucks. Right miles, right engine, right cab/bed, right packages, all the options I wanted, right at my ideal price point, smelled like smoke.

Last night I thought I had found the perfect truck, a 2015 F-150, crew cab, long bed, XLT with the (Canadian) XTR package. As soon as I opened the door I could see the grunge on the seats and center council. The smoke smell was pretty subtle initially, but once I got the AC on and made it five minutes down the road it was pretty obvious. I brought it up to the salesman and he was completely understanding. After telling me that the truck had been through their cleaning process 2-3 times already, and it still had stains, I told him I’d have to pass but I’d keep it in mind. He didn’t even push, he just mentioned one leather replacement shop as an option, and told me to have a nice night. He’s clearly been through this before.


So I guess the search goes on. There’s a couple of previous gen FX4's in town I want to check out, but I’m really hoping to get into an aluminum truck. 

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