Why do some morons have no problems driving slow but get pissed when you pass them?

Sorry for the early morning rant. On the way to the airport in a hurry on a single lane road 45 to 55mph limit and this guy in a Fusion was doing the speed limit as maxium. I hung back with the distance that wasnt outritght tailgating but one-two car lengths behind as to say “hey you need to speed up”. Didnt get a chance to pass as well so just matched his speed. So anyway I do the drop off and we both left around the same time.

I figured I was going to end up behind him again so I started passing him in the road taking you outside the airport (multiple lanes) . Nope! he would have none of that. Figured it’s the “how dare you pass me!” idiots and he started speeding. I passed him anyway, and he was now pissed (where was this speed while you where coming here btw?) Full on, aggressively riding my bumper. So no one should tailgate you while you drive like a grandma but the moment someone passes you, it’s ok to speed past the limit and tailgate me eh?


By this time 2 other cars had merged into the single lane road back into town from the airport. I hung back, drove normally and waited for the passing zone which I knew exactly where it was. Got a chance behind the 2nd one who was doing the limit, sped up to like 8 over and came back behind another car, and this fucker is still tailgating me passing along with me! I was like ok you want to play buddy? time to lose you, I can accelerate and brake faster than you. It was still the passing zone and there were no other cars in sight on the opposite lane. Trusted my radar detector, just as the passing zone was ending sped up quickly to 12 over passed, slowed down and came out right in front. He couldn’t do it and was stuck behind the first car and now I was free.

I turned into my neighborhood couple of miles down the road where it became 2 lanes again and I could see him go on straight, weaving across lanes passing all the cars now that traffic had also increased.


In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done the second pass. But I was totally done with this asshole tailgate me. Probably wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t know the road so well and I didn’t have a detector.

And yes, i know the best response is to start slowing down and that is what I have done 99% of the time. If it were the freeway I would have come to the right most lane and done that, but this time even I was irritated and thought time to get far away from this guy.

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