Hello, fellow Opponauts. Welcome to Letters to Myself, your favorite new series wherein nobody writes letters to me; I ask and answer my own idiotic questions?

How does it work? Simple. Sir Douglas DeMuro seeds through his email, finds a question, answers it, posts this all into Jalopnik, and I guffaw. Then some random guy named Marvin irreverently answers it once again for no good reason. Finally, I throw this all away, and create and answer my own question.

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Today’s question that I’ve presented is: why do some people not care, at all, about automobiles?


I understand not liking them, for we each have our own interests, or there are reasons detracting from the subject. For example, the most basic reason for viewing automobiles in spite is that “they run on fossil fuels, and those are soooo bad—now I have to go look at dank meme$ and buy a Starbucks and post it on Snapchat”. Or, “I almost got run over by a car; now I’m traumatized forever!” Finally, there’s that YouTube commenter that says “oh pshhhht—my unicycle will destroy your maxima everytiem (Doug DeMuro reference)“.

What I don’t get is why people are so ignorant to not even know the most basic car makes and models. For example “he drives a blue car.” What type of car??? I care, darn it! Or, “I my car got rear ended, but I can’t tell which brand it is. Do I drive a Toyota or Infiniti?” How can one not tell? This is what irritates me about this topic.


So, I’ve come to the point in which I’ve figured: people don’t care for cars for the same reason that I don’t care for “dank meme$” or Snapchat. We, as a community, I presume, spend too much time paying attention to ours and others’ cars. Those people care too much on their social media and coffee.

There are also those YouTube commenters who find that their “unicycle will destroy your maxima everytiem”.


EDIT: Okay, it seems that people mistook the whole article for “showing an interest” than ignorance (ignorance about cars, e.g. not knowing brand was what I meant). All thanks to my bad choice of wording.

pjhusa is the pseudonym of a person that exists, and is not merely a sentient being of artificial intelligence with a crappy sense of humor. Hope you enjoyed this rather crappily written blurb, and that there will be more to come!