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Why Do They Keep Calling Me????

In 2012, we purchased a new Infiniti Condominium, AKA QX56, at Infiniti of Raleigh.

About two years later, we sold it to our local Infiniti dealership, Infiniti of Apex, which is an offshoot (as I see it) of the Raleigh store.


So... that’s three years... almost four years ago now.

I get calls averaging about once per week from robocallers about extending the warranty on the damn thing.


I don’t know why our short ownership of this vehicle has resulted in unstoppable calls to extend the warranty long after we sold it, but they’re frequent and maddening. If they wanted to permanently turn me off to Infiniti as a brand, they’ve found a good way to do so.

Anyone ever dealt with and somehow quashed this before?

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