Your wife might like your car. She is too pretty to be married to the likes of me. Maybe I just do it for her. That is good enough reason.

A client told me today be has a 1959 Austin Healy (he says it is in perfect restored condition for sale. I did not bother to ask how much.

I paid $5K (and change) for the Sunchaser. But, as you are painfully aware, I have an unnatural obsession with this car.

I have been figuring numbers, and if you count the initial work to get it running righr, radio restoration (factory cassette repair, yo), the restoration cost will be between $10K and $15k (US real dollars, not Candian commie bucks or Australian death dollars).


When Sunchasers are up for sale (less common all the time), they sell for about $3k - $10k usually....usually.

The most expensive Sunchaser I have seen for sale is this one:


I have seen it listed constantly over the years for $13,500, but I find no sign it has sold at that price.

My point is that I have an irrational love for this car, leading me to spend a stupid amount of money that realistically has no chance of ever being recouped.


But I don’t care. I want the car more than I want the money. You cannot measure my joy against a number. I am not selling it.

So I ask you: What car would cause you to abandon financial logic for enthusiast emotional satisfaction?


You can be honest. Sometimes, you can’t put a price on a car.