Why Do We (I) love Aston Martins?

Oh yes, it's happening. I've thought about writing something like this for months, but between school and work and procrastination I never got beyond the title. But I shall venture forth into the madness that is my writing. For you, the people. Who am I kidding, this is all for me.

Maybe the title is a little misleading, after all not everyone loves Astons. I'd wager there are people that don't even like Astons (though I can't even begin to imagine such a world where such people exist) but I think what I can say with some certainty is that we all like flawed cars.

Yes, flawed. Mechanically, emotionally, philosophically flawed cars. Cars that have such glaring issues that you are compelled to look to something else entirely, yet you end up simply looking the other way and embracing the madness. The weird. The downright silly.


That is how I've generally felt towards Aston Martin. They are a bit silly. They tell you about "Power, Beauty, Soul" when you start the cars up, because that clearly makes any sense to anyone. Meaningless words, or are they? I'll circle back to that one.

See, I've noticed this rather apparent issue with most (all?) Astons made. They aren't that particularly competitive. It honestly does pain me to say it, but they aren't. The Vantage, the DB9, the DBS, the Rapide; nothing is inherently doing the job better than the competition and it definitely isn't doing it at a lower price point.

You get your noises and your power and your often gorgeous design, rarely do you get something that is definitively the single best example in the class. I say rarely, because I think at times AM reminds the world they are more than willing to play with the big boys when they feel like it, but they don't always do it. Maybe because they really don't have to anymore.

Yes you can say "But Victorious, that 911 C2S is cheaper than a Vantage but it offers more versatility and its better on the track and its even better value" and you'd be 100% right. I can't dispute many of those things. I wouldn't even know how to, because on paper most cars have the equivalent Aston beat if not looking like a poor decision.

But, and for me the important but, is the "Power, Beauty, and Soul" bit. Yes, I'm agreeing with whatever nutjob at Aston who thought it was a good idea to put that little bit into their cars.

There is something there, something intangible. Something I couldn't write and describe even if I had all the time in the world. Its personal, its complicated yet its also brutally simple. Is it madness? Maybe. Is it love? Maybe. It is rambling because I don't know how to describe what Astons make me feel (apart from the feelings in your pants)? Well, that is also a possibility.


There is no rationality in what I've said to most people, except for those who share similar sentiments. I think this extends to a lot of cars and to many brands. There is no realistic way to explain the viewpoint, and why I believe it. The best I can do is share it and even then, it might only make sense to me.


I love cars. We all love cars. We all have that car as well, or group of cars. Or a brand of cars. The one that is hard to justify or explain to even understand. The one that we love above all else. The one whose existence will only ever have exceptional meaning to you, and those that share that sentiment.

Why am I writing this? I don't know. I thought it would be a nice change of pace from writing essays to just write something I have some interest in, and to improve my writing because I know everyone single one of you will go Mr. Grammar Nazi on me as soon as I submit this.

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