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Why do you drive?

Personally, it relaxes me a lot.

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Maybe it’s very wasteful but, whenever I feel bad I drive... as much as I can for as long as possible. Hopefully with some place to go, otherwise driving in circles might be as discouraging as not driving at all.

I guess that one of the more upsetting days I’ve had yet was during a high school graduation party. I was backstabbed by a friend and I just felt nauseous the rest of the evening. I was taken back home in a cab at around 2AM and I just slept some three or four hours. I still woke up shaken the fuck up.


I knew I was sober, the night before I didn’t drink at all, but I didn’t feel comfortable at home, or with myself I wanted to leave.

I took an old ipod, an aux cord, and left, somewhere, with my jeep and without my phone. I was still wearing my day-old clothes and dawn hadn’t even broken. I drove for at least four hours around the highways that enter Mexico City. It relaxed me... I still don’t know why. But burning gas made my day significantly better.

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