Why do you love your car?

My car is not fast, but I don’t care about fast. It is light, manual transmission, and RWD. The 22R is torquey enough that you can scoot around town, and the car cruises well at highway speeds. I love it’s low-tech, feel, and it is fun to sit in and drive. As a rare car, it grabs a lot of attention, and one of the fun things about an open air car is that people readily engage and talk to you at traffic lights and parking lots. It makes me smile, and it seems to make other people smile too. I think the car is accessible in the way a supercar is not. People do not see it and tread lightly to approach the rich guy in the expensive car; I am just some dude in an old Toyota. I drive it even on days where it is chilly.

I am having a rough Monday morning, as I had a difficult weekend. As I type this, I am drinking coffee, warming up the Sunchaser, and procrastinating while considering taking Toby to the office with me for moral support. I hope your Monday is starting better than mine.


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