Why Do Young Floridians Love Trucks?

Being a freshman in highschool, you begin to hear a lot of kids talk about what they want as a first car. You also hang out with older kids who already have cars. Many, however, want the same thing; a truck.

Now, I often wonder why they want a truck. Considering the fact that they are young and won't be towing anything, or hauling anything in the bed, the thought has confused me. And it isn't even the more, umm, how do I say this without offending anyone, rednecks anymore. Normal girls with flowers in their hair and One Direction stickers on their binders are in the mad dash for trucks.


I am the resident car guy in my grade. Everyone knows that I obsess over automobiles. So, they usually come to me for car advice. Even the kids who I have never spoken to are referred to me by my other friends. This, for some reason, makes me smile. So, they ask me, "What is a good first car for me?" And I treat this like the clothing store people who instantly know what you want. I look at people and judge them. It lets me formulate a good car. I start simple, "What is your price range?" The average, I have found, is around $12,500. A pretty good amount of cash to get a car. I ask them for the features they want. Many want to be able to haul multiple people and their things. I then cross off coupes and convertibles. They say a sedan is too bland and boring. So, I suggest, being a car guy, a wagon. I have never before gotten such strange looks. "A wagon!? Are you crazy!?" "No." I reply. "I'm pretty smart for picking it out." I explain how the gas mileage is great, the trunk is huge, you can have some fun driving it... then I get cut off. "You have fun driving?" I sigh.

Practical and stylish? Now thats how I define killing two birds with one stone!

"But don't you care about style?" I reply. "No." Two letters. Clearly enunciated, No doubt. N-O. "I want a truck." "You sound like everyone else." They get all offended.

I finally decided to ask why. One girl, named Alyssa, who is a sort of cowgirl from Kentucky, says she loves the sound of a Cummins diesel. A girl, loving engine noise. I was in shock. Another, Jessica, says that she wants to be able to go anywhere. I wanted to question her on where she would possibly going, but didn't want to get slapped for arguing with her. My friend Jake does a lot of fishing. He says, however, that he is wanting a truck but his parents said no. He gets a Toyota Corolla.

Bland is the first thing popping into my mind.

I guess these kids feel that trucks are safer. But I don't think so. These older trucks don't have as many airbags, the best seatbelts, or any seating restraints. They also like that they can beat them up. But i say a teenager can beat up any car easily. The truck will do more damage to other people's cars though. Also, gas mileage. That is pretty ugly on these trucks. Lastly, a truck is more likely to be already beaten up if bought used. But talking to a teenager is virtually impossible.

Are there any parents out there that bought their kid a truck? Any kids out there driving a truck? Maybe someone can explain.

I'd love to hear your feedback on my post. I love criticism.

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