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Why Does Jaguar Ruin Their Cars?

Jaguar has this habit of introducing a great design, progressively screwing up the design every model year, then fixing everything on the refresh and restarting the chole of ruination. It’s like they don’t want you to buy the top models the first year, then move down the line each successive year. Right now the pleb spec F-type Coupe has a 340hp supercharged V6, manual, RWD, and the perfect blend of design subtlety and seduction.

2015 F-Type R
2016 F-Type R

Notice the unnecessary sideskrits and a painted diffuser that makes the back end more “aggressive.” However, it adds weight to the design including the rear end, taking focus away from the hips and highlighting the exhaust.

2016 F-Type SVR

No painted diffuser since the design is from 2015, but why toss that spoiler on the Coupe?!

I’m fine with race inspired cosmetic enhancements on convertible models, but this particular coupe was heralded for it’s form and that is what sold it on being a successful E-Type successor. The SVR should have been convertible only, leave the coupes alone.

2016 F-Type SVR Coupe and Convertible

That lip spoiler is unnecessary as well, the 2015s were fine without.

2016 F-Type SVR Convertible

You cant tell me the change from XF to XF-RS didn’t make an STI look damn, or the XK to XK-RS just completely saying, “Fuck the design! Needs more wang!” When you think British cars, especially Jaguar, how many of you think this:


XK-ACR, and that used to look like this:


Which began it’s face lift like this:



I still love all the cars, especially in R and RS forms. However, while every other automaker makes the top spec the best design and takes away from it to get the lower specs, British cars especially like to make the “normal” car the design holder and just add shit to it!



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