So I am actually set to inherit a decent amount of money and would like to trade in my car (2014 Mustang GT) for more of a serious sports car. I was thinking that Elise’s are reasonable on the used market. How about a Lotus Evora S? NOPE.


There are multiple reasons I like this car, one is that it has a Toyota engine. A friend of mine had to get a new engine for his Cayman and it was INSANE. I could have the V6 in this car built with all forged internals for what he paid.

For what this car goes for I feel like I could buy the new 2.0l turbo cayman. (not the 2.5l cayman s)


Corvettes are not my thing unfortunately. I really wish they were at this point....

My mustang is like 3800lbs, is large and bulky, and an amazing daily. I want a ~3000lbs sports car with 300-400hp that is relatively new. Funny enough if the Alfa Giulia’s internet stats are not lies (3300lbs 4 door car) if it had like 350hp I would jump on it if it wasn’t obscene expensive.

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