If you’re from Europe, Japan, or anywhere that’s not North America, you have probably never seen a Scion in your life. Given that they’re mostly rebadged Toyotas from elsewhere, I say that you’re not missing out on much. If you still have no idea what I’m talking about (and you’re about to hit the back button with haste), Scion is essentially a “youth-oriented” sub-brand of Toyota.

My question is, why do they even still exist? They only have a few models in their lineup, and most of them aren’t popular at all (safe for the slick FR-S). Wouldn’t it be smarter to integrate the FR-S and other somewhat popular models into the Toyota lineup, instead of having a completely separate entity and company to manage and operate?


Their current lineup consists of the iQ, tC, FR-S, xB, along with the recently-announced iM hatchback and the questionable-looking iA.

Illustration for article titled Why does Scion even exist?

Pictured: Bane not happy with his Banemobile (iA).

This is not a rant against Scion, but rather some honest questions I’ve been asking myself lately. Any thoughts?

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