I saw a new VW Jetta GLI today driving down the road. I began thinking of what it competes with, and realized that there is a huge opportunity for Ford here.

I know this seems rather odd to us, but there are many people who do not like hatchbacks. They think they look funny. They... (umm I can't think of another reason, so please if you think of one, help me please).

People do however love the Focus ST. They love the seats, the power, the price, and the way it drives. I feel that a sedan would improve these sales even more. Lets look at the competition.

This is the main competitor in my mind. The VW Jetta GLI is for the most part of GTI with a trunk. And many people prefer this. It starts at $24,500, which falls quite close to the STs starting price of $23,625. VW can and has been selling both side by side for years now. Ford could pull it off.


Another big hit is the Civic SI. It starts at $23,000 and also falls right into this >$25K price point. Honda doesn't offer the hatch in the states, only the sedan since Americans don't like hatches that much (which is why I found it ironic that Ford didn't do this as well). I'm sure these two are cross-shopped and some take the Honda because it is a sedan.


The 2015 Subaru WRX is another sporty sedan. Although it starts just above the $25,000 barrier, it still counts. And now, Subaru has revealed that a WRX hatch will NOT happen, so this could be a direct competitor.

What do you guys think? Am I simply crazy? Or did I just create Fords next big hit?