Oppo, riddle me this: I can’t find any aftermarket wheels for my MR2 that’ll actually clear the front suspension. The Konig Backbone wheels are 16x7 ET40, and barely clear the coilovers at stock height.

I’ve been scouring the web for smaller offsets, but to no avail. Discount Tire has limited selection, and TireRack.com thinks an 18x8 ET40 rim will somehow fit on my car.

I want 16x7 or 17x7 (heck, even 15x7 fits too if I can find the right offset) for the front wheels. SCCA Solo rules dictate my max width is 7.5" anyway for STS-class shenanigans, so I’ll presumably find a +1 diameter 17x7.5 rim for the back. Maximum offset of +35 in front. Really +30 or thereabouts would be perfect.


Rear wheel clearance is a non-issue. I have staggered 17x7.5" ET38 Backbone wheels with 215/40R17 tires and they have huge wheel gap in every direction.

As pictured below, my fender clearances are enormous. Suspension clearance, not so much. I could safely lower my center of mass a whole inch if I had less backspacing. What brands should I look at?

I figured out how to use my camber plates this weekend too :P

My current rims reflecting on a cone, for your time.

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