I’ve seen a lot of posts on here about how the sun will still rise in the morning, and nothing will change. But the latter is not true. The world will chamge, and the election of Trump signals a change. I thinl CNN’s Van Jones put it best- this was a whitelash. This election was poor white straight Christian men lashing out at immigrants. At Muslims. At African Americans and our African American president. At women and Hillary Clinton. At gay people and the legalization of gay marriage. This was white people trying to take “their” country back. It wasn’t about the economy. It wasn’t about terrorism. The cold, hard, simple truth is that Trump voters, the people who elected him president are cowards . . . pussies if you will. They see an America that’s becoming more diverse, where women have more rights, where Latino and Musin refugees choose to come. An American where the rich are getting richer and the political elite more powereful. And they were scared. Scared of change. Despite what people will tell, Donald Trump does represent racism. He does represent sexism. He supports dictatorship. And he has the power to change the country, and his ego won’t let anyone stop hin. So, to all of disaffected and bored people “lol nothing will change, they’re all the same, the sun will still rise in the morning”; these candidates were very different, and things will change. It’s this kind of passive laziness that elected Trump. As for the sun? It’ll still rise for sure, but it will light up a different sky.