In this viddy:

The guy mentions that it shares parts as if it’s a bad thing. Dude. You don’t want Lotus making headlight motors. They’ll be unreliable and hard to source. Who cares if GM uses the same door handle on every car for ten years? I bet it bloody worked. If you’re bitter that your Audi has a button lifted from a VW, you’re an idiot. It’s a button.

In software we try to reuse working code as much as we can. It’s quicker, easier, cheaper, more reliable.

My MR2's engine was in every Toyota of the period. The switchgear I’ve seen in Corollas and Hiluxes. I replaced the carpet studs in the carpet with some from a Lexus and the rubber clutch pedal cover is still available as it was used on everything including the brake pedal.


Parts sharing is always a good thing.