These are the cream of the crop from Tire Rack. Some decent ones but the lack of selection in the “I don’t really like those overdone wheels” market is staggering.

I like these, apart from the branding in the cap.
Might as well be stock GMC wheels. Powdercoated though.
I like these.
...maybe? Too heavy though. Maybe the tires will make up that difference, dunno.

I’ve pretty much decided I’ll have to move up a size, Hankook makes tires in my stock size *for now* but it appears to be a largely dead size. Going to go with Hankook again this time and hope my snows and summers die at a similar time since I committed to 16" again last spring.

But, once I decide something is going to happen I obsess over it until it happens. I hope some half-decent choices come to market before then.


...alternately, I could find some stock 18's and powdercoat them. Reasons.

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