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"why don't they just deliver my package 😡"

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Let’s go over the most common reason your package isn’t being delivered. As someone who’s been in the delivery industry as a driver, and various levels of management, I’ve got a unique perspective on this. And don’t forget, I still order things to my home all the time, so I see this from both sides.


1. House number not clearly visible. You’d be amazed how many homeowners give zero thought to this. If your house number is directly behind a shrub, to the point where I need to pull the shrub back to see it? That’s not good enough. If you’ve got your house number painted on the curb and it’s faded to the point that it’s illegible, again. Not good enough. Brushed aluminum letters on Grey paneling? Black letters affixed to a large black stone at the end of the driveway? White plastic letters attached to a white pillar by the front door? Are you an adult bequithed with a functioning brain? Use it.

A surprisingly high number of homes don’t even *have* house numbers. Could be they remodeled and never got around to putting the numbers back up. Ditto for an exterior paint job. Could be somewhat new construction and this important step was forgotten. Who knows... Regardless, take care of your home numbers. Make sure they’re visible day and night, from both directions of the street. This is the single easiest way to insure you get your deliveries.


The photo above was taken by me, and I can promise you that that homeowner gets their packages.

I’ll go over some of the other more common delivery issues another time.

And as always, remember to be kind to your drivers. Their jobs are incredibly difficult even during the best of times, and these aren’t the best of times.



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