Why don't you see unicorn owners on the Internet?

People out there own Cerbera Speed 12s. And Vectors. And Alfa 8Cs. And EB110s. Why aren’t they on here?

These were built. There are people driving around in them, at least occasionally. Where are they?

We have Sunchaser guy (hi IM! never change!) and the legend who keeps posting his 355. We have/had a guy with an SLS AMG. These are great cars but where’s the truly bonkers stuff? The weird stuff? The concept cars that made it into private hands? The GT by Citroen for example?


The thing is, I’m not really talking about billion dollar garage queens like Miuras and Chirons. They’re rich-guy material. But what about lesser stuff? If you own a Vector, you’ve got to be an enthusiast. They’re a wacky dated car from a defunct manufacturer. It needs TLC, and someone who cares about what it is.

The Speed 12 and Typhon made it to private owners. Where are these people? Give me Sagaris owners at least.

What about owners of regular TVRs? 90s Alpines you can buy for 10k online? Toyota Seras? I want to hear from these people. They have stories to tell.

This is a shit article on a shit site. But it describes a bunch of concepts sold off for cheap. The Indigo isn’t functional (but could be!), but what about this? Less than $30k!

Imagine loading your family into a half-finished concept built by Ghia in ‘83!

I hope that one day the internet will get past age and language and location and wealth barriers. And we get posts from TommyKaira owners and much much more.

Oh, TommyKaira ZZ. Is Japan really that far away on the Internet?

Failing that, I hope Doug can uncover as many of these cars as possible. If he got a DTM CLK and a Z1 in America, he can do it.

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