One, they're rich

Two, supercars everywhere.

Three, they're rich.

Well, that's a good chunk of it.

By now, I think most of us acknowledge that Dubai is well-known for being over-the-top in many regards (especially lately with their police stable). The world's tallest building, the world's most luxurious hotel, so why shouldn't there be an over-the-top derestricted superhighway with the latest technology incorporated to potentially give the German Autobahn a run for its money?

And why do people from around the world visit Dubai? To get away from it all, that's why. If only we were able to get away from pesky speed limits as well, specifically on smooth and barren highways, and legally put the pedal-to-the-metal!

And what possibly makes this place suitable for said superhighway?


The financial situation and the future of Dubai doesn't look bad. The Sheikh himself is often quoted saying that what you currently see in Dubai is only 10 percent of his vision. Building and/or maintaining such a superhighway probably wouldn't be a much of a problem, judging by the overall extravagances of Dubai. If anything, it could be made into a high speed toll road, if the ruling authority wants it to be somewhat financially feasible, but then again, what is financially feasible over there?


They already have high speed limits.

Being a newly developed powerhouse nation and all, the highway/motorway connecting Dubai to Abu Dhabi used to have a de facto speed limit of 160 km/h (100 mph). But two years ago, that limit was cut to 140 km/h (about 88 mph) to be a little more, eh, politically correct (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). The new highways are expansive and smooth as glass (see video after scrolling down a bit). Dubai and the UAE are also known for their aggressive drivers, probably due in part to left lane hogs.

Fast cars.


Fast cars everywhere. The UAE probably houses a good chunk of the supercars in the world per capita. As a result, their police has in its stable some of the fastest cars in the market to catch offenders who happen to drive those ultra fast supercars. In addition, many types of supercars and luxury cars can be rented, if one has the dough, to potentially be put close to their limits on such a highway in the middle of the desert. So why not put them to use? For us enthusiasts, there's the Dubai Autodome and Ferrari World. Not forgetting for people who live there, especially coming from the US, there's greater diversity in car selection (VW Scirocco R, anyone?) as well as the ability to import almost any car you damn well please. Drive your dream car on this superhighway while paying less for gas than most of the world does, wouldn't that be something?


Dubai offers something for almost everyone, including people who like to ski indoors in the middle of the damned desert. A derestricted Autobahn-style superhighway would seal the deal for us enthusiasts and also would attract more tourists. There must be something nice about driving on an Autobahn-style highway without dealing with the dreaded deadlock European motorway traffic, high gas prices, and all those rules. Tourists, on the other hand, kind of suck at driving, but once on the German Autobahn, they generally find out the hard way to keep to the right.


Miles upon miles of empty desert.


Sand is almost like a gravel trap if one happens to veer off course. Just watch for camels.

It's Dubai.

The most over-the-top place in the world! 'Nuff said.

What are the cons of such a superhighway?

The drivers driving in the UAE probably aren't trained or skilled enough to handle the high speed driving on such a highway. That's where perhaps a tiered licensing system comes in. For the folks who own supercars and want to drive close to the limit on the straight, endless highway through the desert, it would be a good idea I think to apply for a higher level license and through the use of many already existing high performance/racing drivings schools in the UAE, such as the BMW Club HPDS, for example. Only those folks who have the higher level licenses could possibly be allowed. That, or you jack up the prices of license for everyone and overhaul drivers ed for skilled high speed driving and maneuvering. Or leave everything as is, get rid of the limit and have a blood bath. I hope the former of the three.


What do you think? Good idea in an already crazily-extravagant place or, uh, what???