Why F1 needs to change or it will die out

We all know F1. Technology, technology, technology and oh, did I mention some more technology? But, is that what F1 is all about? Well, frankly, yes. But let me put it this way: where did the technology take us?

Take today's example of F1. Mercedes has the best car, no one can contest that, but do they have the best drivers? We might never know. Now, how do you stop this from happening and divert some more attention to the person driving? They tried turbos this year and you can tell the outcome of it. But, I now propose a new solution!

F1 cars are really safe. Like 200 kph head-on safe! So, why not simply reduce the tire width? But not a centimeter or two, drastically reduce it and then, you can give the teams free will. No more 1.6 liter engines. Give them a fuel limit and that's all. They can't put a 2000 horses in a car with a tire width of 5 centimeters and if they try, who is there to control it?


Grip is everything in F1. Reduce tire grip and then you'll see who has the upper hand in both driving and building a proper race car. A simple and yet elegant solution to a really old problem.

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