I was at the gas station last night, and at the pump next to me was a Suburban. I had my mom with me and she went inside to pay and the guy went behind her. I don’t know how much he put, but he must’ve filled up because that damn thing was sitting there for awhile. Like minutes. Mind you gas here in California is in many places a few cents from 4 bucks a gallon. And that’s when it came to me: that the time of the full size suv (and maybe fullsize crossovers in general) need to go the way of the dinosaur.

Now many have said this before, that these huge behemoths have no place on our roads anymore, but it seems more appropriate now that they need to go away.

As we all know, SUVS came about in the early 90’s with Ford (although this is disputed) basically creating the segment with runaway success with the first gen Explorer. From then on Suvs have gotten more luxurious and bigger over time. The sudden rise in popularity was due in large part because of cheap gas though out the 90’s.


One would think that the start of seeing that high gas prices were here to stay in late 2008 with gas reaching almost 5 and in some places about 5 a gallon would have hit home and had the automakers do away with fullsize Suv’s. GM only got part of the memo by doing away with Hummer. But they still have a full stable of large Suvs and crossovers for consumers. But IMO this “reset” of sorts only made the problem worse.

Suv, crossover and large truck sales have never been higher. Now some of you are going to say” they are catering to a demand in the market and it works for them so let them keep making them if they will come”. Yes that may be true but its bigger than just sales. These vehicles need to go away. Gas isn’t getting any cheaper and the automakers seem to try to hold on to this market as long as they can. Instead of getting rid of them, they’ve just made the engines in them smaller.


Take for instance, the basically-the-same-vehicle-since-2005 2015 Lincoln Navigator/Ford Expedition. These things are huge. There’s no reason a turbo V6 should be moving one of these around, especially in long wheel base trim. An older gentleman at my church got one of these a few weeks ago. He told me hes been averaging just over 18 mpg and that’s being light on the pedal. That makes no sense to me why Ford and other automakers are downsizing engines from 8 to 6 and 4 in vehicles that are weighing over 4000 lbs instead of just doing away with the vehicles entirely.

Many of you may not agree with what I’ve said here, but this is just what I think looking at how the world is today. And with the sudden shit on being green and efficiency getting rid of suvs seems logical, but that’s just me. I would love to see what you guys think about this.

Update: (Alot of people are just reading my article and not really thinking about it. And some people think because Im from California im pushing some kind of energy efficient issue. I could care less about efficiency. I had a Jag S Type R if some of you can remember. Of course for the people that have large families and need to tow/haul stuff large SUV’s work for them and are needed. I was mainly talking about people that buy these things and dont do anything close to that. They just use them as a daily driver instead of buying a large luxury sedan or something. This isnt a troll post and If i had a large family I would probably get a Yukon or something. Just my opinion on a segment that is either going to have to drastically change or go away.