Apparently, “car enthusiasts don’t like FWD cars.” Bullshit to that statement! Here are a few reasons why FWD shouldn’t be hated, and proof that car enthusiasts can truly appreciate a FWD car.

1. There are FWD cars are lust worthy


2. They can be competitive machines

Some of the fastest machines in time attack and autocross racing happen to be FWD cars. Take a look:

Even in rally, they can be some dominant machines!

Even put to a comparison, FWD can out-handle some RWD and AWD vehicles.

3. Some dirt cheap cars happen to be FWD

You can get some really nice FWD cars that happen to be really cheap. I went over to my local Craigslist and found these:

Volvo 850 Wagon


Integra and Legend with additional ATVS!

How about some fun on a budget with this Integra GSR?


Even more fun!

And something completely interesting


4. You can still drift

5. Learning to control FWD is a whole new challenge