Selling a mic on a local classifieds, i get this:

+13234383112: is your AD still available for sale?? if yes...get back to me with the condition and your firm price ASAP. 11:46 AM

+13234383112: $500 Rode NTG3 Condenser Shotgun Microphone 11:46 AM

Me: yes the Mic is still available, i think 500 if fair, its in like new condition 11:47 AM


+13234383112: pictures of this item so that I can pay in asap. I'll add the shipping fee to the total payment I'll be sending Thanks. 11:48 AM

+13234383112: I'm okay with your asking price I'm buying it for my cousin in abroad , I want you to get back to me with your PayPal email address and some detailed 11:48 AM


Me: email me at with shipping details and how you would like it shipped and we can talk about payment 11:50 AM

+13234383112: you can send me the pic here 11:51 AM

+13234383112: Have you send the pic ?? 11:55 AM

Me: i was waiting on your email. Im at work now and don't have the mic with me, so I don't have any other pics to show you right now. I haven't used that mic since I took those pics though so not much has changed. we have 2 identical mics here at the office...not that it helps much for you. 11:58 AM


+13234383112: okay i will proceed with the payment now 11:59 AM

+13234383112: and get back to you 11:59 AM

Me: I haven't told you where or how to pay... 12:00 PM

+13234383112: you mean ?? 12:00 PM

ANNNNNNDDD.. number blocked.

UPDATE: I just got this "official" email from "PayPal"


Thank you for using PayPal.We just want you to understand that we have choose this customer care email address to monitor the transaction between you and Victor Smith. We want you to know that there are only few Representatives on our desk. We attend to many customers and the Representative on desk may not understand some transaction that is why we have choose to use email to monitor some transaction, So we will greatly appreciate if you could get back to us here so that we can process and credit your account fully.


We do not appreciate any calls due to our Representatives busy attending to many customers now, We advice you to get back to us via this email to get full details of this transaction.

We need the Tracking Number Details so we can release the funds to you. you're advice to get back to us today with the Information needed to credit your account.


Be informed that this transaction is only available and can only be tracked and traced via email, reply back to us if you have any question about the transaction and not via phone call.

Questions ? email us back, we will receive your message at our PAYMENT VERIFICATION DEPARTMENT ( ) and we will get back to you as fast as possible.


Please do reply to this email. This mailbox is monitored and you will receive a response. For assistance, always reply to this email as is use to monitor this transaction between you and Victor Smith.

Thank you for using PayPal

The PayPal Team"

Sure thing, I'll get right on that.