Let me tell you why

With the dunlop Star Specs, the limit of grip was so far above my driving ability that I could never even come close to approaching it unless I was offroad. These snow tires? I can lock the brakes up and slide like it’s nothing. Burn rubber on mid corner acceleration. Powerslide with out even a hint of unlawful speed. Left foot braking now serves a purpose. I as a driver have to do more, because I don’t have the safety net that is super sticky rubber on an underpowered car.

Basically, these tires—that are *technically* atrocious for summer canyon carving—are helping me improve as a driver due to their much lower limits. They’re also just a barrel of fun!

Due to cramped interior space, there is no possible way for me to heel-toe at the moment. Instead, I’ve been left foot braking to upset the car and brake the back end loose around turns while keeping revs high. I’m still far from good at it, but I’ve definitely been faster than when I just blipping the throttle on downshifts and then trying to quickly move my right foot back to the go pedal.


The only issue with the winter meats, is the shredded rubber! Cleaning that shit off my Miata is a massive pain. Fortunately I’ve come up with a solution. Before any hard driving on pavement, I find some dirt and slide around. This covers the Miata in a protective layer of mud, so when burnt rubber comes flying off the tires later on, it doesn’t stick to the metal. Genius right?

Well, there you have it. The reason I’m still riding around on winters. Now if you excuse me, I’m off to find some dirt roads