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Why, Hello Officer....

I just love it when I’m not told about an alarm system when I have to walk through a house doing an appraisal. After opening the door using the lock box key, I hear the tell tale beeping of the security system. Luckily, it doesn’t have an ear piercing siren like some do, just a slightly louder beep. I just do my thing, walking through, taking notes and pictures. I’m in the basement finishing up, when I hear footsteps...


I say, rather loudly, “I’m down in the basement, I’m an appraiser, and have permission to be here”. The cop was cool, took my name, looked at my licenses, and went on his way. I called the listing agent to remind him, that in the future, we appraisers appreciate that alarms be turned off, or give us the code, so as not to be mistakenly shot by the police, thinking we’re robbing a house.

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