Why? How? What is this franchise made of, even?

I mean, 10 years and their output rate is supposed to tire us out—and it does. But we’re still invested, in differing levels. We’re still affected, in some way. We want to see this through. We root for them. It can’t be that much of a secret, can it?

See, I’ve observed a lot of the fan reaction on Reddit and elsewhere, and they all surprise me, even if it’s what I anticipated. That can’t have come from nothing. We’re supposed to be bored by now, and I think we are, but the trailer and the fan edits for each character still pull at heartstrings.


Why can’t Warner do the same? What did they miss? What does it actually take to pull off an arc like the MCU? Most shonen anime can’t do this half as well. Is there a difference?

Go on, let’s talk about this. Let’s confront this massive franchise head-on.

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