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Why I Am Fascinated By Comprehensive Listicles (Like This One On Cobra Replicas)

As I may or may not have mentioned before on these pages, I’m a car enthusiast. What I mean by that is, I am not a driving enthusiast. I’m really all about cars as cultural objects in and of themselves; the feel-behind-the-wheel is secondary for me.

I dig cars for the history, for the art of design, for the subculture they’ve inspired. And I write about cars for a living in part because I like to think of myself as part of a register of these parts of car culture. I’m putting history down on the page. I’m making obscure parts of car culture more easy to find.


That’s why I love comprehensive listicles or encyclopedias on automotive topics. And it’s why I assigned walking car encyclopedia Michael Banovsky – author of Weird Cars – to deliver me a deep-dive gallery on a semi-obscure piece of the car world: Shelby Cobra replicas.

Everyone knows the Cobra is one of the most widely replicated cars out there. And most enthusiasts can probably even name a kitmaker or two. But have you ever come across a list of Cobra-shaped cars like this one? (I’m not saying one’s not out there—if it is, please link me to it.)

This gallery’s not going to get a lot of clicks. It’s not even going to turn most enthusiasts’ heads. But for the budding Cobra fanatic or the curious kit car kook, now it’s out there, a little historical index they can use to delve even further into one of car culture’s less-known parts.

I guess at heart, I’m just a car culture nerd. It’s the trivia, the untold stories that get me most interested. It may be something silly, but it’s that sort of information I like most, and so most like spreading and bringing to light.


It’s why I was glad to be assigned (by Michael, coincidentally) a comprehensive guide to every cat and feline reference in the automotive industry. Or why I tackled a near-exhaustive guide to neoclassic cars.

Because it’s information worth researching, compiling, and publishing. And because I’m sure I’m not the only car culture nerd out there.

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